Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm no longer MIA

Sorry! It's been over two months since I've done anything through my blog. After my last race in July I felt it was time to crack down on wedding festivities. I asked for 0 help from my bridesmaids and groomsmen so I had to take on everything by myself. I looked at it as, everyone has their own lives and I can't make anyone feel obligated to help me since this is my day. It helped me not get upset with anyone that couldn't make it. 

Well, the wedding is over and it was perfect. By far the best day of my life. I'm lucky to have married someone so wonderful and fun to be around. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday (more than once) and tries to make it to every race that he possibly can. I would say that I'm pretty lucky. 

Since we've lived together for quite a while before we go married Adam has always been bugging me for a puppy. I had legitamet plans on surprising him on his birthday but that didn't go as planned. One night we had all the guys over doing their football draft and Adam made it clear that he has been looking at puppies online for a while. In fear that he would bring home some mean mut, I have in. Literally a week and a day after our wedding we got a puppy! This is Hudson. 
And this is how much he has grown in the 4 weeks we've had him.  
So that's what I've been up too. Things are winding down again and I'm back at CrossFit 3 days a week and I'll be starting my lifting back up shortly. Sunday I have a 10k to put in the books and Tuesday is the Pittsburgh Marathon registration already!! My plans are to sign up for the half and train for the full that way I can switch later. 

I can't believe this summer came and left so quickly! This was by far the greatest summer I've ever had but I'm ready for fall. 

How was your summer?
Did you have any fun races or life changes?