Sunday, March 27, 2016

Marathon Confessions

Guys, training is tough. Pittsburgh winters are cold and people don't salt their sidewalks and treadmills are tough. I have so many excuses as to why I don't run in the winter. Really, I just hate running in the winter. 

I have a two marathon training confessions. 
1.) I don't usually really start training until 1 1/2-1 month before a half marathon. A full marathon I give a solid three months of training.  I do a lot of cross training so I save all my running enthusiasm until then. By no means am I saying I don't run at all before a month and a half to a month before race day, I just don't train as hard. 

2.) When I do train, I train mostly on hills. If you've ever ran the Pittsburgh marathon, you'll know that it isn't flat. Like at all. No. So, if you train on nothing but hills it makes Pittsburgh seem slightly flatter than expected. 

Today's raining run was the hilliest. Actually, it was one of my prettiest runs too. 

I started from my house to Seton Hill's campus. It was only about 1.30 from my house.  Then I took the hill the whole way up. 

That was my view once I was on campus. The build is so beautiful. It was quiet and peaceful. I saw about two other runners running on campus. 

And then my view from the top...

Amazing. 6 miles later I made it back home to go play in the garage and go to Easter dinner with my family. 

Happy Easter! 

Any training confessions that you would like the confess?