Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today I am Thankful.

...and everyday I am thankful. I am extremely thankful for my husband. He works incredibly hard for our little family and though, I let him know how thankful I am that I have him I don't always show it.

These past couple of weeks have been rough. I've been working a lot and haven't really gotten many workouts in. That makes me extremely cranky. I'm exhausted and everyday I think of how much I want to buy a house or how I want a day off to do nothing or really, just how we haven't had a vacation for almost 8 years. 8 years! Our last vacation was right after we graduated high school, our families went together. Adam and I basically came home from vacation and went to college. From there we graduated, got jobs(I lost jobs), then I got more jobs and we moved in together, and got married. After that we got the dog and here we are. Life has really gotten in the way. I really just want to take a honeymoon. I don't think I care where. 
He works so hard for us and I had two meltdowns this weekend because I was tiered and didn't want to go to work. Two!! 
We invested in a nice camera this week and he kept saying how he couldn't wait to help take pictures for my blog and then I go bat-shit crazy on him because I'm sick of working 7days. Seriously? I'm probably one of the luckiest people I know when it came to love. I married my Jr. High School sweetheart that I completely yelled at this weekend. I'm sorry. 

I love you. I'm sorry. You always forgive me when I least deserve it. You keep your mouth shut when you want to fight back. You've stood endless hours to watch me cross finish lines of races that I was no where near winning. I promise, for your sake I'll make it to the gym this week or run a couple miles outside. I will try to control my temper and not blame you for me being the one having to work two jobs through the holidays on you. And lastly, I promise to spend your birthday with you since the past two years were you giving me love and support because Gramma died on your birthday. 

I promise to remember how thankful I am of you and of that day above. Not many people can say they are as lucky as I am. 

I love you. 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life has Gotten Hectic.

Hi friends. How are you? I'm alive, I swear. I've been kind of quiet on the fitness aspect because I haven't had time to do anything. Back in April I lost my job and it took almost two months to find a new one. Once I found a new job, I took a second job to get caught back up. My first job is a sales/HR position at a local trailer manufacture and my second job is a sales associate at American Eagle at a local mall.
 I don't usually get to many hours at my second job but this week I work 6-10pm on Monday,  Tuesday, and Wednesday. That was all on top of working 8:30am-5:30pm. Needless to say, I was pretty cranky by Thursday. I'm incredibly thankful to be working extra hours but I'm just exhausted from it. 
So what else have I been up to? Well, last weekend I went to a class to get my certification in Spinning. Spinning is indoor cycling. I've always had a passion for teaching people so I wanted to try this out. I didn't get certified because you have to take a test and with this past week I wasn't able to study. The class was great! It went from 10am-7pm at a local gym. It was long with 2 hours of cycling so yes, my booty hurt the next day. 

While all this happened, my husband and dog went to Pittsburgh to hang out with a friend all weekend. This gave me a chance to clean because I wasn't sure what my schedule would be like for the holidays. They didn't arrive home until late Sunday night so that also gave me time to hang out with my sister and sister-in-law (little sister...I think the "in-law" stuff is stupid) 
Since my hours were crazy in the coming week from last weekend and I hadn't seen Hudson(the Goldendoodle) he was a little confused. I don't like leaving him but Adam was with him all week. He was the only one up when I got home every night. 

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Wednesday was my first night off and I finally made it to CrossFit. I was pretty thrilled with that. As much as I love this box, I've decided to take the next month off. It's just not worth it to pay when I can't make it to class. It will be hard but it will go by fast. 

Thursday I had the night off and my husband and I have been wanting a new camera. We agreed that this would be an investment and we wouldn't get each other anything else for Christmas. 

It's unfortunate that I don't have a computer that I can hook it up to so I can post pictures but that will come with time. 
And to finish off my week, Friday we just stayed home.  I didn't really want to go anywhere. This was a busy, hectic week and I hope I can relax a little bit more next week. 

So I am alive, I'm just busy. I'm hoping to be posting workouts again soon. 

Have a great weekend!