Bumps In The Road.

About 6 years ago we found out that I had asthma, which that could have solved a lot of questions as to why it was so hard to breathe when I would try to play sports as a child. 

Here is the medication that I'm one just for my asthma:
-Advair: Twice a day
-Inhaler: As needed (30 minutes for I exercise)
-Nebulizer: 4 times a day as needed
-Allergy/Asthma pill: before I go to bed every night

This is my biggest disadvantage to training for a marathon.  On the days that I want to run outside in the summer, I have to go super early before the sun rises because that's the best air quality for me. Running outside in the winter time is almost impossible. It's hard to do more than 3.5 miles outside under 40 degrees because my chest gets really tight and I cough for days. 


  1. How often do you end up using your nebulizer? Is it always four times a day? How do you handle working that into your training schedule?

    1. I use my nebulizer mainly during training season or when I don't feel well. I don't usually use it 4 times a day but if I do, I use it in the morning before a run, a few hours after and twice in the evening. Roughly every 4 hours. That's a great question! I hope I answered it for you.