Thursday, February 26, 2015


What's the best thing you can think of when it comes to Spring? For me, it's getting outside to run on the roads and trails.  Starting March 1st half marathon training starts back again and I also get to blog for The Pittsburgh Marathon! This is the second year that I'll be running the half (last year I ran the full) and this will also be the second year that I get to blog for the race.  Over 30,000 people run every year and they chose a small group of people to blog for it and I'm one of them?! That's awesome!

This year will definitely be hard to beat because last year I got to run with Jenna as we completed our first ever full marathons together! Jenna and I didn't know much about each other until race morning but being able to run with someone for that long made the race so much more enjoyable. As beautiful as the city is, by mile 19 we both said we would never run another one but somehow, someway we both decided to sign up for the Columbus full marathon coming up in October.
Jenna and I right before our first full marathon last May

So what does this race season have for me to offer? Blogging will be much different than last year.  This year, I am a spinning instructor and I've signed up for the CrossFit Open so a lot of my blog posts will be more than just running, eating, and asthma.  I will be training for a solid 8 weeks coming up to race day.  I also have my race manager, Hudson.  He's ready to go too. 

Hudson can rock a Pittsburgh Marathon T-Shirt

So here's to the next 8 weeks of training hard for another half marathon! #GameOnPGH