Friday, January 30, 2015

I've Passed!

I am officially Spinning® Certified! 

Back in Novemver I took the Spinning® certification course in a local studio near me. I wanted to take the certification test before the New Year but both of my jobs got in the way. 
As most people know, I've never had just one job. Since I was 17, I've almost always had two jobs with my first job being my "real job" and my second job being one to make the ends meet. As I've gotten older I've decided that my second job needs to be a fun job. I've always wanted to be a teacher of some sort and this is the perfect opportunity! 

So, what's Spinning®? 
Spinning® is a brand of indoor cycle classes. It can be done vigorously or at your own pace. Spinning® instructors like to keep students going at their own pace. A lot of indoor cycling classes have a beginner and advanced class but Spinning® does not. There is one class for all walks of life. That's one of my favorite aspect to the program. It isn't judgmental to the beginner but would prefer someone to have at least two months of fitness under their belt before starting a Spinning® program. 

Why I love indoor cycling
As a child I loved to ride my bike. My very first mountain bike was given to me when I was 10 years old and stuck with until a few years ago when it rusted out on me. With my breathing problems, it seems to be much easier to ride a bicycle (or take an indoor cycling class) than it is to run. I still love running but cycling was my first niche. It also isn't so bad on your knees. I don't have the same knee pain on a bike than I do crushing pavement for 3-26 miles. If you take the spinning class correctly, then it can be very relaxing. 

Indoor cycling is a program that I love and I hope if you've never tried it then you take a few classes to see what it is. 

I can't wait to see what the future holds for this even though it's just a part time gig. 

Have a great Friday, friends! 

Stay Wheezy. (Actually don't. Wheezy isn't fun). 

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