Saturday, November 30, 2013

Marathon training starts now.

My mom has always drove me nuts about my heart and lunges while running. When I told her that I wanted to train for a whole marathon, she didn't like the idea. I promised if it made her happy I would go get a physical and some bloodwork done. My little sister works at a doctors office so I decided to go there. Since my husband hasn't had a physical and bloodwork done, I dragged him along. 
Every thing is normal! [I already knew that] I didn't get my results back from my bloodwork but I'm sure there isn't anything wrong. Everything sounds good, my height and weight are normal and healthy, and my blood pressure was a nice low 110/60. So, with that being said... Marathon training starts now. I've been reading up on training to help me get ready. 
Jeff Galloway knows what he's doing. I also go to CrossFit 3 times a week, lift and run. Here's how today's CrossFit workout went. 
I went last night too so moving my arms today isn't happening. I'm pretty excited to go out and start training, even in the cold. 
Here's an idea of how my training schedule will go:
CrossFit: 3 days
Lifting: 1-2 days 
Running: 2 short 1 long run
That's in a weeks time. Obviously there will be some over lapping in workouts. 
I'm going to start cutting back on the dairy and carbs that I usually eat as well and go back to my wholey clean diet. (A beer or 2 once in a while won't kill you.) 

What does your training and diet schedule usually look like?

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