Thursday, December 5, 2013

Marathon Thoughts and New Resolutions

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I have not gotten any Christmas shopping done. Usually I'm done by now but I did buy myself some cyber Monday goodies. I bought two pairs of shoes from Macy's online buy 1 get 1 and I also bought a race application. The big NYRR New York marathon opened its application process on Monday. I sent my husband an email at work asking what he thought about me at least putting in an application for the lottery to see if I would get picked. As loving an supportive as he is, he told me to go for it. In my next sentence I told him that I had no clue how much it actually costs and what if it's too much to do. He told me that we'd figure it out when the time comes. So with that being said I put in my application.  I'll find out in march if I hit the lottery. 
Have you decided on your New Years resolution yet? I love making resolutions and the new year. I love the fresh start. After contemplating what mine were going to be, I've finally figured it out!
I'm sure everyone has seen on Pinterest that "gym savings bank" the pin that tells you to put a dollar in a jar every time you work out and than once you hit $100 you spend it. Well, I'm putting my own little twist on it. Different prices for different work outs. Here's how it's going to work. 
CrossFit: $2
Run: $1 
Home work out:$1

5k: $5
10: $10
Half: $13.10
Full: $26.20

I'll keep it until next year to see how much I've collected. 

My other resolution is to only eat out once a month or if we're celebrating something. I've noticed that we spend way too much money on going out on the weekends. I'd rather save it and spend it on things that we want to do. 

Those are my resolutions. I'll probably add more too it but those are to start. 

What are your resolutions? 

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