Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Month, New Goals

I love when a new day, month, or year starts. I love making goals and seeing where everything goes in the month. It's so good to have a new start on things. 

This month's goals are a little more laid back. 
Main Goals:Swim 1 mile and bike 26 miles. 
Smaller goals: Have everything that I need for my first triathlon in August. 

I started a new job last week so this is my first official month of it. I will be focusing on work but since it's only 5 minutes from home, I'll also have time to focus on training. I really need to get back to my 2 workouts a day for the tri. I still do CrossFit 3 days a week and lift when I get the chance. I'm really going to focus on this triathlon. 
I bought some new reads to get me into gear. I can't decide which magazine I like more but I'm leaning towards Runner's World. 
I have a jam packed month ahead with our good friend coming home from SF this week, an Air Show in the next town over from mine, next Saturday we're road tripping to the Fiesta Outlet for their tent sale, my first CrossFit Compition is in 2 weeks a long with my older brother's wedding, and our little cousin's 6th birthday. Out of all that, I have 1 Saturday and Sunday to myself. It's going to be a crazy month. 
My other goals this month are to have more nights like these: 
I love spending time with these two. I can't wait for a summer full of camp fires and cooking on the grill with my little family.  We recently bought a new vehicle so I'm sure we're going to have lots of traveling and adventures in there. 

What are your summer goals? 
What are you looking forward too this month? 

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  1. My summer goal is to PR a 10k and half marathon, and just get ready for my next full marathon