Saturday, October 11, 2014

My First trip to Chautauqua, NY

A few months ago when I was asked to do the LucyTown Half Marathon and 5k, I asked my bestfriend whom is from NY where Jamestown is. Luckily it was only 20 minutes from her hometown, Chautauqua. She agreed to run her first half marathon with me where we trained together. Somehow we talked our other friend into running the 5k and my husband into running the 5k. 

Let's go back to yesterday 
Well, for the past few weeks Katrina has been sick with bronchitis. She hasn't been running so I asked her to take one little run with me before we left. She agreed. 
I was a little happy at 7am. She not so much. 
This is a beautiful sunrise to start the day. 

So we ran and went back to our homes to get ready. At about 10:20am we were ready to go. 

We were safely on our way to Grove City Outlets.  After about an hour and half we got there and did some hard core shopping for a few hours. We got a lot of awesome deals! After we shopped and ate lunch we drove another hour and half to Katrina's parents' house. 

Once we got there, we unloaded everything and went to packet pick-up, and dinner. Packet pick-up is in one of the ice rinks. It was very well organized and we got right in and out. 

We have our bibs! Next we went to dinner at Wing City. 
It was so good! 

I got the Chicken Wing Soup
And Rattlesnake Pasta 

After dinner we headed to Southern Tier...
I had a PumKing and an Unearthy beer. They were delicious and it's such a nice place. 

Afterwards, we went home so Danielle and Adam could sleep for their 5k this morning. 

Today's race and festivities 

We woke up to me say that it's "Race Day!!!!" It was for Danielle and Adam. We got showers, got dressed and left. It was a beautiful chilly morning. Once we got there we got photos taken with them and got them ready to head to the start line. 

And we get them to the starting line... 

This is the official car of the LucyTown Halfmarathon and 5k. 

And they're off!!!

After about 30 minutes we spot Adam coming back in.

Headed to the finish line!!

And then a few minutes later we spot Danielle! 

And she finishes! 

And they both finish! I'm so proud of them even if they say they'll never do it again.

Now we get ready for the half tomorrow...

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