Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Newest PGH Marathon Puppy Runner

Hudson, my Goldendoodle went to puppy training school a few weeks ago.  He's a very wild dog since he is so young so we needed him to calm down when we take him on walks. The classes were great! We took him home and put him through his two week "reprogramming period" and he calmed down dramatically. My husband is usually the dog walker so this was the first night that I took him running. 
And that's how our run started. 

We were crossing the street and he took off because he heard a loud truck that scared him. New mental note: Trucks scare Hudson. 
Downside: the fell in the middle of Main Street and cut my hand and knee 
Bright side: I kept a hold of the dog. 

Two of my best friends ran with us so they help hudson and me get our act back together. 

We walked to the park and then hudson and I practiced our running together. He does much better when he is no where near cars. 

Afterwards, we rested and set a plan our next run together. 

He was tell me about his race goals. 

And then we walked home. He did very well for his very first training run for the Pittsburgh Marathon Pet Walk. I think he's excited. 

Do you run with your pet? 

Have you entered them in a "Pet Walk"? 

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