Friday, April 10, 2015

We're less than 4 weeks away!

This year will be the third year that I've ran Pittsburgh. The first two years I raced I lost my jobs right before race day. It was stressful and depressing especially when you were let go because a company was closing and the then you weren't told the second time because they didn't even know why they had to fire you. I'm not going to lie, if that would have happened this year I'm pretty sure I would have quit running Pittsburgh all together. 

This year is different though. This year I already got a promotion and a raise at my main job. I became a cycling instructor and it's going well also, I even have a third part time job that was supposed to end at Christmas but I stuck around to do floor sets. But still, something is wrong. Things are just different. Training this year has been much different as well. This year I've taken a different route with training in the sense that I would use cycling and CrossFit to me my main training sources. 

I started officially training in February and for the past few month I just wasn't feeling right. I've felt tired and depressed, just not myself.  I would yell for no reason and I've been skipping workouts to sleep. I have also been so cold that I would sleep with gloves on. My breathing also hasn't been on point but I stopped taking my asthma medication, ya know, to just see what happens. (I'll be starting that back up very soon)

I finally made it a point to call and make a doctor appointment. I really thought my thyroid was underactive because of some of my symptoms and if that was the case I want to take care of everything before race day of I could feel 100%. Last Friday I went and she sent me for blood work. I made sure to go the next day because I knew if I didn't then I probably wasn't going to go at all. My husband went in with me to do my bloodwork(and I cried. I can handle 15 piercings and 2 tattoos but that needle near my arm is a different story). The doctor said that she would call within a day or two if something was up but if she didn't call then I would be fine. 

By 9:00A.M. Monday morning I had a missed call from the doctors office and a voicemail. Do you know what kind of panic attack that intrudes on someone?! First thing in the morning I get a call? 

It ended up that my iron was really low and I just need to take iron pills everyday. That's a lot better than what I originally thought was wrong. I've been so unmotivated, tired, cold and short of breath lately and she said that once my iron is back up then everything with start to go back to normal.  After starting starting them for the past 5 days in already feeling a little bit better. I can't wait to feel normal and ready to go on race day!

Have a great weekend! 

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