Monday, August 17, 2015

Oakley PRIZM

Hey Guys! I hope everyone's week has started off well.  I've been asked to let you know about a pre-order launch that is going on today.  Everyone has heard of Oakley, right?  Well, they are launching a new line called PRIZM.

My husband is a HUGE Oakley fan.  Sunglasses are to him what handbags are to me (except he has more sunglasses than I have hand bags).

What is Oakley PRIZM?

  • Oakley PRIZM Lenses emphasize color that the eye is most sensitive to in specific sports and environment.  These lenses are great for golf, cycling, and baseball. 
  • The idea of the collection is to relax the eye while engaging in activity therefore helping you preform better. ( I know so many times I am trying to concentrate but my eyes are working so hard)
  • You can get these "sport specific".  
  • They also come in a prescription lens. 
  • These glass run about the same price as the average Oakley so you can get them anywhere from $276-$494. 

Head on over to Salt City Optics and pre-order yours today!


  1. Wow, the glasses are rather expensive. Thanks! I will take a second thought before buying!