Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 1 Marathon Training

Hi guys! Last Sunday started my marathon training for the Columbus Marathon. This year I'm running the full, ya know, after last year's full when I said that I'd never run another. I guess I was wrong. My very first week of work outs didn't go as planned, and that's okay. 

Sunday: 4 mile run. 
-My goal was 5 but it got hot early and I'm glad that I only got 4 in because later that day I got a migraine so fierce that it induced vomiting. Great way to start day 1! 
Monday: Rest
- I was afraid to workout because I still wasn't feeling up to par. 

Tuesday: CrossFit WOD
15min EMOM
-2 deadlifts
-2 cleans
-2 push presses (all 75#)
5 rounds for time
-15 wall balls
-5 burpees

Wednesday: Taught spinning
14.80 miles on the bike

Thursday: CrossFit WOD
-5 rounds
3 min. Each
-3 cleans (75#)
-6 push-ups 
-9 squats

Friday: CrossFit open gym
1 rep max deadlift 
- 5 deadlifts at 135#
-1 @ 155
-1 @ 175
-1 @ 195
-1 @ 205
-1 @ 210

-Bonus workout: 1-2 mile walkish run. 
I had to go pick up my car on the other side of town and the plan was to walk until I heard a roll of thunder and then took off. 
In case you're wondering, I made it to my car dry. 

Saturday: Rest
- yesterday wasn't supposed to be a rest day but my husband and I got up early to go venture through one of our favorite towns and see some family. Later we came home to clean out our house for a yard sale next weekend. That was a workout in itself! In the evening we went out to dinner with my in laws to try a new restaurant and take a drive. We walked during the day a lot and lifted a lot of heavy boxes. 

So there you have it. My first week of workouts for full marathon training. This year is going to bring on a lot of cycling and lifting but I'm confident that this will be much better than my last full marathon.