Thursday, February 28, 2013

Summer Training Schedule

So my half marathon training is in full swing. I've been working hard all year but I feel like there is only so much you can do in a gym.  Obviously, I won't be running my half marathons and races on treadmills so I need to get outside this week. Last weekend I ran 5 miles through the hills of my town in about 55 minutes.  It wasn't that great but it was the most I've ran since November.  Last night I had a really good run at the gym which is great since I have my first run of the season on Sunday.  I get the benefit of running with the SCRR.  SCRR is a Pittsburgh running club. This is their second Pittsburgh marathon kick off run.  I'm pretty excited but a little bit nervous.  The only other run I've done was the Latrobe Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  Pretty much anyone runs those, so I'm a little nervous that I'm not fast enough to run with SCRR.  I defiantly need the practice though.  It's only supposed to be 27 degrees out Sunday, which will be the first time I really run in cold weather. I'm already trying to decide what I want to wear to stay warm! 
Next, my training schedule.  I work two jobs and barely have days off so I literally squeeze runs in. During the week, I mostly do between 3-5 miles and on the weekends I have long runs working up to the race that I'll be in.  If I run at the gym, I also strength train there.  Since I kick box once a week as well, I use that as one of my strength training days. Here's an example of my training schedule going by work week:

Monday:Morning Yoga, 3-5 mile run outside, abs, planks, Evening Yoga
Tuesday: 3-5 Mile run outside, abs, planks
Wednesday:Morning Yoga, 2-3 miles at the gym, strength training, Evening Yoga
Thursday: Cardio kickboxing for an hour At Culver Karate 
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Morning yoga, 6-10 miles outside, Evening Yoga
Sunday: 3-5 miles or a rest day 

That's a general schedule that I try to follow. When I do yoga I have to wake up at 5 am so I don't always get to it when I want too. On top of that I also watch really cautiously what I eat and how I feel breathing wise.  Sometimes I'll take it easy or take a day off if it's a bad air quality day and I know it will be hard to breathe. 

Your turn!
What is your workout schedule like?
Favorite type of strength training?

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