Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My best friend.

So, I've been pretty busy with my new job and my gym being too far away now I haven't had much time to go. I've taken a week long break from running after the half marathon and I made it to the gym twice since then. When I went to the gym it was so busy that it took me way longer than planned to get finished. Since it is so far away from my new job, I'm planning on switching to the gym that they're putting in near my new job but the gym isn't built yet and won't be for about a month. Long wait. I'm a little annoyed by that wait but I'll have to live. 

After I ran my half marathon, Adam said that he thinks he wants to give it a try next year. Truthfully, he always tells me that he hates running and 13 miles is kind of far when you hate running so I didn't believe him. Well, I asked him if he wanted to go on his first run. I told him to tell me when he felt like stopping and we could walk back home. He ran .63 of mile! I was so proud of him. We always go bike riding together but we never make it to go running and he defiantly saw a difference in biking and running. I can't wait to see how the rest of our half marathon runs go! 

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