Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clean eating and healthy exercising.

A while back I promised a friend that I would post some of my meals. Honestly, I'm a very lazy eater. I do my meal preps every week but everything I make is so simple, here's why:
1.) I don't own a dish washer. I am the dish washer. 
2.) I don't have much time for meal prep so I prep what I can. 
3.) If it has more than 5 ingredients, my attention span is gone. 

Everything I make is super easy, I think the hardest part is cutting fruits and veggies for the week. I always pack a lunch, again because I'm too lazy to leave and I'm also cheap. Some of my meals include:
•1 egg(hard boiled or made in a pan) Brusselsprouts, turkey bacon all loaded with sriracha sauce 
•A homemade organic multigrain waffle with peanut butter on it
•A bowel a Cheerios and Silk
•Fresh fruit 
•Whole wheat or multi-grain toast with chia seeds
•Greek yogurt
Lunch/ Dinner combos
Grilled chicken and Vegetables
•Quinoa salad (recipe on last blog)
•Brown rice 
•Kale or spinach salads(big salads!)
•Turkey meatloaf (Fitfluential recipe) 
•Turkey burgers (I always use 93%lean)
•Sweet potatoes 
•Greek yogurt (fave: plain with Nutella)
•Mixed nuts

*I love chia and flax seeds!

That's just a basic idea. I could eat peanut butter on everything. I go through almost 1 really large jar a week. I mix and match meals to change things up, but none of it is really exciting. I also eat at least one banana a day for breakfast. I've stopped taking protein powder or pre-workouts and I don't see a difference either way. I'll probably not go back to the pre-workouts or protein because they're expensive and why bother if I'm getting the same results from actual food? I'm not against it, I'm just taking a break from it. My diet does change as far as carbs and proteins go when I'm training for a half marathon. Obviously my calorie count goes up but I've stopped counting calories.
I have finally become happy with myself and my body. I've noticed so many wonderful changes from changing my diet. I'm more energized, my stress levels are going down, the headaches that I used to get are decreasing, and my over-all feel is better. I was a very large child but once I lost the weight I was still feeling awful. My body has finally found it's happy point. 
Here's an idea of my workout: 
•CrossFit (Wednesday and Saturday) 
•Kickboxing(Tuesday or Thursday)
•Running(Depending on the training season 3-6 days with one long run it there)
•Weightlifting(3-4 days)
•Biking(1 day with a few friends)

That's my usual schedule. Right now I am less than two months away from my wedding so things do change when something comes up. I'm human. My next race isn't until the end of September so I have a lot of time to train before then. 

That's my usual life. It's pretty exciting, I know. If you have any questions please feel free to comment,tweet, Facebook, or email!

*This is an example of what I do. I am not a licensed nutrition or dietitian.  Please consult a doctor before trying something new. 

My favorite workout food is peanut butter! I eat it out of the jar (using different spoons of course) What's your favorite food that you always eat?

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