Monday, June 10, 2013

Race weekend and Sweat Pink

It has  definitely  been a while since I've posted on here.  I've been really busy at work and wedding planning but I did make time for a race yesterday.  Yesterday was Pittsburgh's color me rad 5k.  My sister isn't a big race guru, so it took a lot to get her to go with me.  We took our childhood best friend with us as well.  These are the two people that I could spend all of my time with every day.  They really are my best friends.  My sister got me into running, but she refuses to enter races.  She had way too much fun though.  This made up for the mud run that I made her do in Pennsylvania in November with 3 feet of snow.  I still haven't lived that down.  So, yesterday we got up and had breakfast at my sister's house.  She drove us the hour it took to get to our destination.  We met our friend's friends (who were so awesome) My dad rode along with us because he loves to go to races.  

This race was totally worth the money.  A portion of the proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.  There were two problems we had with the race, 1.) we ran their parking lot so it was covered in rocks and gravel.  2.) There were more runners than walkers.  My group of friends and I are runners, we walked a little but we spent a portion of our time tripping over people that were walking.  
I think for the next race they should look into two lanes for people.  This race was still so much fun! 

I found out today that I became a Sweat Pink ambassador!  I applied a few months ago and have been checking my email religiously to see if I was accepted.   Sweat Pink is a group forum to learn, teach, and cheer on current athletes.  I can't wait to connect in my community! 

Your turn!
What fun races have you done this summer or planning to do?  

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  1. Awesome! I applied to be a sweat pink ambassador, too. Haven't heard yet tho! I'm planning on doing a Kolour shuffle 5k in a few weeks, can't wait!