Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Weekly Disappointment

So, for the past three weeks it has been miserably cold. Not only in the single digits, but in the negatives.
I usually go to morning CrossFit but this week I just couldn't. The two weeks before that I would go but I would be miserable all day. Over exerting yourself while trying to breathe just isn't a good idea. I can make up the classes and miles while swimming and running. 

I know to some people -7 isn't that cold. Well, here where it hasn't done that in years, it's freezing. It hurts to breathe. The windchill was -30. Just walking a few steps was putting me out of breathe. I pretty much took this week off. I have found that resting does much more good than harm. It's okay to rest. It doesn't mean you're weak. Sometimes we all need a break. I'll never understand why some people get so prideful about weather and something's. When you tell someone that it's -7 and they have to feel big and bad to tell you, "Well, it's -8 here!" Dude, I don't care. Either way they're both cold! I'm not killing myself to get a workout in that I can make up. I know some people would disagree and that's okay. I really don't care. 
If you don't feel well it's okay to take a day or even a week off! Don't let someone make you feel obligated to go out and do it. 

In better news, it was over 25 here yesterday and will climb to 40 today. 
I also have big news coming up about the Pittsburgh Marathon & Panera Bread. Stay tuned and have a great weekend. 

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