Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, it happened.

Where we live in Pennsylvania, the snow fell hard this weekend. My husband and I were snowed in so that left us to cleaning our house, watching movies, and sitting on the computer. I went to CrossFit Saturday morning and spent until 1 cleaning out my parents house.  I also got my entire house cleaned and didn't stop all day Saturday or Sunday so in giving myself an extra rest day. 

Adam kept telling me that I could sign up for the triathlon next week before the price went up on the 31st. So after a few minutes thinking about it, we decided I could sign up this weekend. 
There's always something about that feeling right after you hit the "submit" or "confirm" button. It's that "Oh shit, did I just do that?!" Feeling. I don't care if you sign up for your first 5k or last 26.6 marathon. That nervousness kind of hits you like a bus even when the race is 5 months away. 
There's always questions running through your mind...
-Can I really do this?!
-Can I actually train for this?!
-Are there going to be fish in the water?! I'm afraid of fish! 
-What happens of you feel like you're going to drown?! 
-What if I paid all this money and come in last?!
-What the hell do I wear and how do I change for every event?!

So after I got over that part I was fine. I have a friend from CrossFit doing it with me too. She has done a triathlon before so I'm hoping she can guide me along. 

For the remainder of my weekend, I cleaned, cooked, read, and snuggled. It was a nice relaxing weekend. I started Sunday with snuggles from my two furbabies. 

I also meal prepped. 
I made turkey chili for this week, quinoa bars, strawberries (to feel like summer) and cauliflower pizza. That was wonderful! Hudson got the play in the snow for most of the day just to keep coming inside and track water on my freshly scrubed floor. 
It was a pretty relaxing weekend at our house. I'm not sure what the weather has planed so I'm not going to force down too many goals this week. A relaxing week will be nice. 

How was the weather where you live? 

What are the questions that go through you when you sign up for a race? 



  1. Congrats!! That's so exciting!! I can't wait to graduate from road racing to tris in the next few years. Your post actually jogged my memory about an article that I read last year about the race, but upon Googling it I realized it was kind of a "crappy" article: Thought I'd share!

    1. Thank you! I am hoping they fix the water conditions before the race. I've been hearing about this after I registered. Now I'm going to be nervous all year! haha Good luck with your training!

  2. The pittsburgh sprint triathalon was my first one ever (back in 2011). Don't believe all the hype about the 'icky water'...It's swimming in a river, what can you expect? People jump in drunk at the kenny chesney concert all the time! (ha, ha!) The race is really well organized and the run is sooo nice and flat...hilly bike course but since it's the HOV lane, you know the condition of the road before you do it.

    There's a sprint triathalon in North Park in August too (Bairl YMCA, I believe?) that I've done a few times...much smaller but still a ton of fun. AND pool swimming is much less stressful. :) Good luck!!

    1. That's such a good way to look at it! I'm really excited about it, I love the city. Thank you!

  3. The Pittsburgh Triathlon was my first ever. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be great!