Sunday, August 17, 2014

Two Jobs and Marathon Training

The second half of the year has been hectic to say the least. Right before the marathon, I lost one of the best jobs I've ever had. It wasn't a job that I planned on staying at forever but it was one that I loved everyone I worked with. I went through a little bit of depression where I just didn't do anything. I had a hard time getting off of my couch and that's just not me. I finished training for my marathon and less then a month later I started a new career. 

With being off for almost 4 months this past year, and having a wedding, and having to purchase another vehicle, we are playing a little catch up (but who isn't?)  Not much, but I wanted to be saving more then I am. So what happens when you want to save more? You spend less (obviously) but I took on a second job. It was just supposed to be a job that I would get 1-3 days a week, mainly on weekends. It's retail as well and back to school these next couple of weeks. So with that, I am working 3 nights and a full Saturday on top of my "real job." Will I be tiered? Yes. I'm also a little bummed that I'll be working on our one year anniversary of marriage as well, but hopefully I'll be off on Sunday to celebrate with my husband. 

So what will this week bring? 
- A day of working both jobs
-A day of working one job then anniversary pictures in the city with my newlywed husband 
-A day of working and helping some friends and family train for a 5k
-Two more days of both jobs. 
-And a weekend day of a second job

The next six days are going to be rough but I think I have it figured out. On top of working, I will be getting to 3 Crossift classes and a Spin Class (if possible). I also have my gym bag packed and ready incase my second job decided to call me off for a night. I also prepped. EVERYTHING. meals. Outfit prepping. Done. 

I like easy food to pack on the go. 

I'm making my outfits versatile so I don't have to change before my second job. Business enough for work, casual enough for retail. 

I know it may be seem like I do much because I don't have children per say, but I have two fur children and a house to take care of. I need to be prepped and ready to take on the week. I'm very thankful for my husband that takes care of laundry, cleaning, and the animals while I'm working and training. He does so many things in the house with out me asking him. 

Happy one year husband. Thanks for making me your wife. 

What's on your schedule for this week? 


  1. Happy early anniversary!! We have all been there, don't worry. Things will be crazy for awhile but then all of a sudden everything will fall into place and you will forget about the crazy time!

  2. Hooray for anniversaries!

    And oof to busy weeks! I feel you!