Sunday, May 11, 2014

7 Days Post Marathon

So how's everyone doing since last Sunday? I am doing great! I didn't take the week off of working out and I think I feel better because of it. The only time that I really hurt was Sunday going into Monday and Monday during the day. I had to ice my knees in the middle of the night because they were throbbing so much that I woke up. Here's my workout schedule from last week:

Monday: Rest/ Long walk around Ligioner and lunch with a friend. 

Tuesday: CrossFit- 3x15 Abmat sit-ups, Supermans, KB swings(30#), Push-ups, pull ups

Wednesday: 10 mile bike ride 
They're pretty handsome, right?

Thursday: CrossFit- 21•15•9 Power cleans(75#), Chest 2 Bar Pull ups, Hand Stand Push Ups- 800 meter run to finish. 

Friday: 2 mile walk with these beautiful people. 
She's celebrating her first official Mother's Day today! 

Saturday: CrossFit- 3 Rounds 1 minute stations(no breaks) Farmer carry, pistol squats, dead lift(95#), knees 2 elbows, Burpee bar jump over 

So those were my workouts. I can't decide if I want to go swim today or just rest. I might just rest. 

I have a confession :( I gave myself 6 days to eat how ever I want. I wasn't going to limit myself or tell myself no. So here's what I gave into.

Monday I had a cheeseburger 
The burger is there somewhere. 
The rest of the week I had some of:
Possibly my new favorite. 

Two of those...within an hour. The other two were for my husband. 
Upside down Swedish fish...
Upside down donuts...just one

Taco Dip!!! That was delicious. 
Ice cream, 2 blocks of cheese, and a bag of chips. I shared the chips...

I also had:
10 hot wings and 44oz. Of beer( right after the marathon) 
3 slices of pizza
French Fries 
Loads of chocolate. 
1 corona extra
1 Summer Shandy 

And guess what? My abs are still there. My body hates me so this will not be an on going ordeal, but it was okay while it lasted. I used my ,"I just ran a marathon." excuse every.single.time.

I also ate some healthy things...

So that was my week. Not too exciting but defiantly delicious. I detoxed my body this morning with this:
I also got a chance to hang out with my furkids. 

That was my week to a tee. 

How was your week post marathon? 


  1. My week was a lot of recovery. More cross training than running. Finally be able to eat and drink what a please before I start training this week again.

    1. Yes! I think the more I cross trained, the better I felt. Good luck with the rest of training season!

  2. OMG, this is my diet. I really need to start giving a shit about what I eat, LOL! I want some of that taco dip!!!!!!

    1. The taco dip was amazing. If this diet makes you as fast as you are then I might keep it lol

  3. Mmm, taco dip.

    I waited two days to start running again. I only hurt for those first two days. I was really, really shocked.

    This week I'm starting a new workout routine in hopes of gaining a bit of strength and toning up before the next training cycle. :)

    1. The taco dip was amazing!! I'm going to start working on speed during tri season. Our next half and full will be faster!