Saturday, May 3, 2014

Marathon Eve.

I can't believe the day is almost here. After all the hard work and time, we will cross a finish line that most of us never thought we'd ever think of seeing. My first marathon eve started with a 1 mile shake out run with this handsome guy. 
His shirt is ready to cheer me on with my name and bib number on it. He was bad on our run. We saw kids and he loves attention.

Next, my husband and I went to the expo. I got to meet the awesome girls at Breathe PA and the Panera girls as well. 
I got my bib and and we walked around for a while. It was super busy so we didn't want to stay long. We picked up some free stuff, bought chews, and some shirts and left. 
Afterwards we took Hudson for a walk through town to see how he'd handle tomorrow. Failure. Maybe next year. 

My thoughts on my last night before my first marathon. 
6 years ago I couldn't finish a mile. I always said how cool it would be to run one of those things (as in a half or full marathon) but didn't think it would ever happen. After the endless amounts of running, and cross training, a day I never thought would be here is. I'm going to go to sleep and wake up ready to run in my favorite city. My family will be waiting at the finish line. I'm sure I'll have trouble along the way but I will eventually be okay. I'm hoping to cross the finish line before 12 and then clean up and go have a beer! 

My husband, family and friends have been the best support system. They will be waiting for me at the finish line. Not many spouses or friends will follow you on their bicycle or pick you up at the other end to take you home. 

The marathon and Panera have been amazing through this entire experience. They've done so much for me to help me make my first marathon as successful as possible. With that, here is one of my last posts before I'm finished with the campaign. 

Power Hummus Bowl. If you haven't tried it. Go for it!  It's wonderful. It's light enough to workout afterwards. 

If you haven't ran a race for Pittsburgh, I suggest you try it. Everything from the expo to race day is so organized and makes your experience the best that it could be. Good luck runners! I'll see you at the finish line! 

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  1. Congrats on your first marathon, so super excited for you!