Saturday, April 5, 2014

Food for thought

We're officially at less than 30 days from the marathon!  With that being said, my diet is going change just a little.  I go out to eat at least once a weekend and splurge a little on what I eat. No more of that. So here's an idea of what my diet is going to look like:

What I love:(but wont be eating)

  • Beer (boooo)
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate
  • Cheez-its
  • Burgers and fries
  • Excessive amounts of bread
  • Fried fish sandwhiches (during lent)
Those aren't that bad but I over do it a little. So here's an idea of what my diet will look like in my last few weeks of training:
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables 
  • Lactose free cottage cheese
  • Salmon
  • Grilled Chicken 
  • Brown rice
  • Quinoa 
  • Greek yogurt
  • Chick peas
  • Turkey
With the long miles coming I need to get a little more protein in and eat more. I'm the person that forgets to eat when their busy. I also drink a half gallon jug of water a day so im pretty hydrated.  

So that's a look at my upcoming meal list. I try to keep it pretty clean and cut out the extra sugar that I don't need.

I'm still working with the Panera Bread Training menu.  I ate dinner there last night to fuel up befor my crossfit class this morning.  All Saturday workouts are rough son I like to fuel up the day before.  I got the Spinach Power Salad and Macaroni and Cheese. 

It kept me full all night until this mornings work out. Here's what the workout looked like: 

 5 Rounds for time
400m run
30 ab mat sit ups
15 deadlifts

My asthma is killing after that work out so I'm taking it easy for the rest  of the day.


  1. We love the same things!

  2. I promised myself I'd cut back the beers leading to marathon day too. Taper is going to suck with my two favorite stress relievers (running and beer) both on the decline.

    Not sure how you prepare meals in your house for people of differing endurance needs, but in my house we need to have meals that scale for a marathon trainee and a generally fit but not quite as extreme athlete. Meals are pretty much made of items from your list, but I make the carbohydrate part adjustable. We both have mostly the same fish and vegetables, but I'll make two potatoes for me and one for the wife, that kind of thing. It has worked pretty well and allows us to keep the same eating routine and menu planning that we used to do before my marathon training while still supplying me what I need through the longer mileage.