Sunday, April 13, 2014

My first 20 miles ever!

Thursday I was supposed to get 20 miles in. A mile down the road I realized it wasn't going to happen. I couldn't even run back, I had to walk. The pain in my lung was so sharp that it hurt to touch. After falling asleep and it still no going away, I went to the grocery store to get some medicine. I skipped CrossFit that night but went Friday for Open Gym. Open gym is just a day where you can work on things that you need. I took it easy since I knew I would be doing my long run and I didn't want to over exert myself.  
So Saturday, we woke up and Hudson had a hair cut so we walked him through town to his groomer. This was his first hair cut ever. 
That was his before and after. I gave her strict orders of "Do what you have too but don't cut him like a poodle." When he came out we didn't recognize him. We weren't happy with it but I guess there isn't anything we could do. We officially have a poodle. They left his bushy tail. I can't wait for it to grow back.  Adam and I and planed that we would try a new trail in Greensburg, he would golf 9 holes and I would run 20 miles. They were close to each other so it was convenient. As he was changing one of our friends sent us a text and said to go from Connellsville to Ohiopyle and her and out other friend will meet us on the other side and take us back to our car. Adam changed again and since he said that he would ride along side me I promised he could golf the next day and I'd play caddie. 

My 20 mile run
I try to be positive but it was kind of awful. I knew Adam didn't want to be there and that kind of made it worse for me. I did the number 1 rule of what not to do on a long run or race day. Wear something new. I was pretty pumped that I had recently bought a pair of 4" tight running shorts from TJMaxx and want to try them out. Big mistake. They kept riding up for the first mile and a half. That's when Adam asked if the logo was supposed to be in the back. Well, that solved the riding up problem. There was no where to take my pants off to change so I did it out in the open when no one was coming. Then I had the worst calf cramp. Super frustrated that I'm at my first 2 miles and already having problems, I stopped my garmin, stretched and went for a new beginning. Adam wasn't a fan of following me because he was testing his new road bike. It's hard to go slow with a runner on those kind of bikes. He would go ahead and make sure I was still in sight. There was ALOT of walking. Every time I walked he would tell me to keep running so we could get there faster. My legs hurt, my lungs hurt and I was being a baby. Truthfully, I have a bad feeling that I'm going to get picked up by the cart. From mile 10-17 he was my motivator though. These were his favorite lines:
-Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming
-You're making the turn at the Blvd of the Allies. It's all down hill and you can almost see the finish line. Just a little bit more! 
-You got this!
-How are you feeling about that full ironman now?! (That ended in a big ol' two words starting with 'F' and ending in 'it') 

I told him that I hated this and I'm never doing a marathon again. His answer was that I'm going to cross the finish line and say how great it was a sign up for another one. Doubt, but we'll see. 

At mile 17 our friends were waiting for us cheering. I told them to hold on because I still had 3 more miles. I kept going, once again stopping a lot. I almost just gave up at 17 and went home but I finished it off. With my last .25 miles my friend Katrina ran it with me and told me how proud she was of me. That's a best friend. When I finished I yelled, "20 miles, done! I did it and I want beer!" 
Her and our other friend Daneille also brought us snacks and water for on the way home. I was too exhausted to eat. We had a little family game night with  pizza afterwards. 
We love Clue but they changed everything since we were kids. 

During and after my run, everything hurt. The balls of my feet the most though. I went to sleep around 1:30am because I couldn't sleep. I was back up by 3am stayed up watching Three's company until 5:30am. Needless to say, I'm exhausted. I sent my mom a text and asked if I could go to her house for an ice bath. Of course she said yes. 

After we woke up I promised Adam that I appreciated him following me so much that I would be his personal caddie today. I've never played golf and I don't plan on it. So we got everything ready and headed to my moms. 
After my ice bath and hot bath, I started my caddie duties. We walked 9 holes to strech our legs from yesterday. 
My handsome golfer. 
He let me pick the lucky game ball. Her name was Callie and we kept her the whole time! 

He has a bag boy so it wasn't that bad. The hills were rough but we made it. I really enjoyed myself though. I could handle 9 holes,18 probably not. I also learned a lot about golf.  After he finished, we went home and relaxed until our bike ride. 

This was my first treck out on my trek. I was really nervous since I had never riden my bike near other cars. For the most part we stayed on the trail. When we got to the next town, we rode on the roads a little. I got a little more comfortable but not too much. It takes practice, but 11 miles seemed pretty awesome after my 20 mile run yesterday. Half Ironman here I come! 

So that was our weekend full of fitness. It was a quick weekend and I'm ready for a rest day tomorrow. 

Everyone knows that I'm blogging for the Panera Training Menu. I had my new favorite You Pick Two this week. 
The Chicken Sorrentina and Classic Salad with Greek dressing. It fuled me for my weekend workouts and kept me full. If you haven't tried it, I would recommend it. That's becoming my favorite combo. 

How was your weekend. 
We're down to 3 weeks. Hows training? 


  1. Congrats on getting your 20 in.. That's always a great feeling!!

    1. Thank you! It was a great feeling once I was done lol

  2. Wow! Sounds like it was tough, but you must be proud to run your first 20 miles!

    1. Thanks! It was tough and I was proud once I was done haha

  3. First off, your dog is ADORABLE!! Second AWESOME JOB GETTING THOSE 20 MILES!! It's horrible, we have all been there. And your hubby is totally right. When I finished the Disney marathon I told my hubby that was the last full. Three weeks later I signed up for another. Keep your eyes on the prize!!

    1. Thank you! Hudson will be cheering at the marathon. I'm hoping I finish and want to do more but right now I don't really know lol I'm making it my goal to just genuinely have fun and cross the finish line.

  4. Congrats on your first 20 miler! You're going to have so much adrenaline on race day, and with the crowd support, you'll be fine! You could WALK the last half, and you wouldn't get picked up by the cart. You got this!
    Your doggie's haircut is cute! It really doesn't look like the same dog! Last time I took mine to get groomed, they totally mugged him of all of his leg hair! It's just now starting to grow back. I was a little embarrassed walking him the first week.

    Congrats again, you're gonna kick ass.

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    2. Thanks! Hudson will be cheering at the marathon. We didn't think it was him when they brought him out. I hope to see you marathon weekend!

  5. Congrats on your 20 miles. Sorry it was miserable. You did so great, pushing through. Those types of runs are what make you stronger and help get you through 26.2. You WILL do it and you won't be picked up by the wagon! xoxo

    1. Thank you! If we don't get our run in before the marathon we can get a bike ride in after before the tri. I'm doing the Olympic length so I'll need to get some miles in haha