Saturday, April 26, 2014

Getting Prepared for Race Day

For some of us, The Pittsburgh Marathon is about 7 days away.  If you're a weirdo like me, then you've already planned and prepared what's going in your race bag, what you'll eat, and what you'll need afterwards.  I've made a list of some essentials on race day.

•Braces(if needed)
•Long Sleeves(If needed)
•Fanny Pack
•Bib (Most important!!)

•Something for after the race
•Gels or whatever you use during the race
•Extra Water

In the gym bag
Change of clothing (everything!)
•Change of shoes
•Instant Ice packs
•Extra safty pins
•Foam roller
•Hair Gumbies (hair tie)
•Bobby pins
•First Aid Kit
•Toe nail clippers
•Baby wipes (if you're going out after, you'll understand)
•Body Spray
•Bio Freeze, Tigerbalm, ice hot
•Cell phone
•Cell phone and music chargers

A lot of things seem like common sense but when you're packing a bag right before race day, you're bound to be nervous. I'm the type of person that will forget something like bobby pins and then have a total mental breakdown the night before when I know very well that there is a Wal*Mart down the street from where I'm staying. 

Usually by the time I'm done running whoever is waiting for me is starving and wants to go eat so I try to pack enough things to keep me from smelling after the race where ever I go. 

I still haven't decided what I'm eating before the race but I did go to Panera before my run the other day. I got my pre race favorite of Chicken Sorrentina Pasta and classic salad with a black iced coffee. This might be my night before food option. 

Are you running Pittsburgh half or full?
What are you favorites to take with you? 


  1. Since I only live 15 minutes outside of the city all I take is some crappy clothes to toss at the start to stay warm while I stand in my corral and my drinks and gels

  2. I live five miles from the finish line so I don't go too crazy. I carry my iPod and one gel (for the half). Hubby is at the finish line with a bag packed with a long sleeve shirt, flip flops, my phone and money. I do that even when I travel for races. Less to think about.

  3. I don't take anything. I live a mile from the start, and less than two from the finish. I pin my gels to the waistband of my shorts, that's the only thing I "take" with me.

  4. Driving in from Buffalo NY, I'm going over my packing list again and again. I've practiced the race morning routine on many long runs, so getting set for that won't be too bad on Saturday night, ready to roll out of bed and into the race gear. The only abnormal items different from training will be the bib number and throw away warm up clothes.