Thursday, April 10, 2014

Goals and disappointments.

This all started yesterday morning. I went to CrossFit and the workout wasn't that tough but I still got sharp pains in my right lung. This happened last year when I was running too. Then, around 3:30pm I got a migraine so awful that I laid down to go to sleep. I drink 1/2 gallon of water or more a day so I knew I wasn't dehydrated.  I had plans to go running with my friend from work so I wanted my headache to go away ASAP. I fell asleep and when I woke back up it was still there. My chest was tight all day but I took my inhaler and went anyway. When we got back my head ache was still there and it was still hard to breathe. I honestly just ignored it because wheather I run 1 mile or 15 I still feel like crap usually when I'm done. Two miles with Katrina didn't give me a reason to use my inhaler again since I used it not even an hour before. So we had dinner, and some wine and hung out for a whole before she went home. I went to bed but I couldn't sleep. I woke up this morning and my chest was still bothering me but I ignored it. 

Well, I've been planning for a while to get my 20 mile run in today. I woke up, ate breakfast and started to get my stuff together for my run. I did my breathing treatment that I always do before I go on my long runs. I sent my family members a text of what I was wearing just in case I went missing. (I get a little paranoid when I'm out alone)  Just after a mile I had to walk back. A MILE! I was in pain, frustrated, and annoyed. It's these runs that I have to tell myself don't always happen and I can do it. As much as I tried to keep going, I couldn't. 20 miles wouldn't happen today. I went home with sharp pains in my right lung. I couldn't move from my couch for a couple hours. When I finally got off of the couch I went upstairs and fell asleep for two hours. Two days in a row I've fallen asleep. I don't know what's wrong but my chest didn't feel right. When I woke up it felt like something was sitting on my chest. I've googled this so many times that Google is ready to answer back and tell me that he doesn't have an answer. 

I'm very muscusy when I run. I spit and blow my nose a lot.(Sorry if you are eating while reading this) I don't know if it's my allergies but that's what happens. I've talked to my pulmonary doctor about this pain but he tells me that it's a bronchospasm. When I went for chest X-rays, they found a black spot on my lung but nothing came back on my CT scan. The doctor said that by mile 4 it should go away. The problem is getting to mile 4. 
Here's what happens: I get an extremely sharp pain on my lower lung in my right side, just under my rib cage. I've tried everything from not eating dairy, nut butters, anything that might give me an allergic reaction. It hasn't helped. 

So if anyone reading this is a doctor and wants to tell me what's wrong..go for it! 

This was me all ready for my run. 
This is my breathing treatment. I've done this twice today and my inhaler once. I still feel yucky. 
These ended up being my last resort. I still feel awful and I missed CrossFit today. I hate when that happens but I an make the days up. I need to take care of me. So when Adam got home we went to Panera so I could get dinner because I didn't  feel like cooking. 
Not too fun. Just chicken noodle soup. I started to feel sick after I took mucinex without food. ( Don't try that at home) I will make it to CrossFit tomorrow. It's open gym to practice so I don't have to do anything too intense. I love going to CrossFit and hate when I don't feel well enought to go so I'm doing whatever I can to make it there so I can go on my long run this weekend since it's going to be nice out. I love that Panera always has a variety to always go with what you're hungry for. 

What keeps you from your favorite workouts or runs? 


  1. I'm sorry. Such a bummer. I hope you start feeling better.