Monday, March 9, 2015

My first long run of the season & a mini trip

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend and aren't too exhausted from daylight savings time.  

I got my first long run in for half marathon training on Saturday. 

It was still chilly here but warmer than usual and was actually considered warm even though there was snow on the ground? Yeah, that. I'll be honest, I didn't really feel like it. I did and I didn't but with a few motivational tweets I went for it. 8 miles done. Just in time for the sun to set. 
Every year I try to do my first long run at the only place I trained for my very first half marathon. It was the park where I told my sister that I wanted to run a at least a half marathon because I'd never be able to do one if those fulls..until last May, of course. So every training season starts back at the same park where I started for just good luck. 

It wasn't the best run but it was a start. My legs were heavy until mile 5 but I only needed my inhaler twice. How many times I need my inhaler is usually how I rate a run. More than 4 times during a half is never good. 

After my run I went home to decide on a spur of the moment decision to drive to Columbus Sunday morning to go to the Arnold Sports Festival. I think my husband was just sick of me saying how much I wanted to go. As much as we didn't want to leave Hudson, we knew it was a worse idea to try to take him. Since we were only leaving him for the same amount of time that we would for a work day, we let him know the cat was in charge and gave him a few extra kisses before we were on our way. 

While we were gone he stayed home to catch up on his sleep that he lost the night before. 

Sunday: wake up at 5:00a.m. Leave by 6a.m.

Then we stopped in Washington, PA at one of our new favorite places. (thanks Katrina)  

Tim Horton's! 

After a 3 hour drive, Adam sleeping, and my singing, we made it to Columbus! 

We walked around for about two hours and watched a few shows before we started to head home. It was such a great experience but I wish we could have stayed longer. 

Adam and I decided that next year we'll definitely plan a better trip than deciding Saturday afternoon that we were going to leave Sunday morning. 


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