Sunday, March 29, 2015

My week in workouts

So I still haven't gotten that long run in yet. I will, but on the bright side I did get a lot of cardio in. Here's my week in workouts: 

Sunday: Rest. 
Monday: Rest. 
Tuesday: 3 mile run. 1 mile walk
Wednesday: Taught cycling class. 
Thursday: Rest. 
Friday: Crossfit 15.5- 
Calories burned rowing and 65lb. Thrusters 
Saturday: Taught cycling class. Crossfit. 
Partner WOD
10 min. AMRAP
5 push press (75lbs)
5 kettle bells swings(35lbs)
5 box jumps
Rest for 3 minutes 
30 Sumo deadlift high pull (50lbs)
30 Wall balls
30 push press (50lbs)
30 push ups 
30 burpee, pull up,knees to elbows 

There wasn't as much running but I do supplement my running with weight lifting and cycling. 

How did your week in workouts go?   

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