Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Storms!

I definitely was not expecting the 8 inches of snow that we recieved last night! I live in the Laurel Highlands area and we got swamped! I work on the other end of town from where I live so I had no excuse not to go into work this morning. Though, my 8 minute commute did take 15 minutes, I made it. My husband gave himself a snow day because his job is closer to the city and about 45 minutes from home on a good day. 

Really this is why he stayed home... 
How do you tell those eyes no? 

Thursday's are my cross-training CrossFit days. Unfortunately due to the weather, the box was closed all day. Tonight the open work out comes out so at least I'll be fresh for tomorrow night.  With this crazy winter weather I have come up with 3 cross training workouts for you! Sorry you're now just getting this since it will probably be the last big snowfall. 

1.) Snow shoveling! That's a great full body workout. 

2.) Snow day in-door workout 

3.) Cookie Burn: for when you would rather be eating cookies

Those are great workouts to get the blood flowing when you just can't get outside. Happy Training!!

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