Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back at it.

So for the past two months I've been a little bit off of my normal routine.  Pretty much since Thanksgiving I haven't actually trained like I should be.  I was going to my kickboxing classes once a week and the gym, but I haven't been applying myself the way I should be. Don't get me wrong, I'm still training and not gaining weight but I'm just not applying myself the way I should be. In November I was really sick and had to keep going to the doctor for my asthma and a bunch of tests, December was busy with the holidays, I was sick again, and my grandma pasted away. That was my biggest hurdle. My grandma was my best friend. I called her every single day, so when she past away I had to get back into my normal routine as much as possible. She was the person that always told me that I can do anything that I put my mind too. She was the biggest fan that you could have. As I posted some New Year's goals in my goal section, another goal is to being able to spend more time with my family.  This Saturday will be the last day of my 20 day, 21 shift work week. That means that I've had 2 days off in the entire month of January.  I'm making a promise to myself to never have to do that again.  I'm currently working two jobs, training for two half marathons, and planning a wedding for August. It's getting a little bit rough but I need to cut down on my work hours to spend more time for myself training and planning our wedding. 

  I'm always 5k ready but my goal is to be half marathon ready at all times. I've been really stressed out lately so I started tracking what I've been eating.  I've noticed that when I do eat more processed, sugary, fatty foods, I'm more tired and I get irritable much easier. So I've been making a change. For lunch at work I was drinking Special K protein drink and Nature Valley bars but after actually ready the labels, I noticed that they really aren't that food for you.  I've switched to fruits and veggies for lunch and and whole grain saltines with natural peanut butter.  I've switched my morning low calorie/low fat Yoplait Light yogurt to Chobani greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt has more calories but also better natural ingredients, so I'll take 60 more calories over the sugar and artificial flavors. I've even noticed that some of my more expensive protein shake mix is worse than the EAS mix that I buy at Walmart. 
Now that my diet and mood are feeling better, I'm working out a little harder. I'm still on the elliptical because it's still too cold and dark for me to go running in my town.  So last week and this week I have skipped kickboxing. Since I go every week, it has gotten really busy with the new starts of their new year's resolutions, so i wanted to give them a chance to try the class and I've had a lot of wedding appointments on the days of class. Not only has kickboxing been extremely busy, so has the gym so it's limiting what I can actually accomplish.  My normal routine consists of:
  • Stretching
  • 200 sit-ups
  • 2 minutes of planks
  • Cardio
  • Arms
  • Legs
Nothing too exciting I know. This past week I've been exploring new workouts with my arms.  I've been doing my floor work, 30 minutes of full body lifting, and 20-30 minutes of cardio.  I don't have specific "leg days" because my legs already have a lot of muscle in them from all the years of dance and sports.  I'm trying to proportion the rest of my body.  I still strength train since it is good for running but it's not as intense as I work on my core and arms. I've also started crossfit. I'm trying to get into crossfit classes, but I can't find a place to offer it.  Crossfit is another form of weightlifting or strength training, so I think it will help really well with running.  

Next weekend it's supposed to be over 40 degrees and sunny, which means I will defiantly do whatever I can to get outside. My biggest goal is to get to a at least 6 miles next weekend, that way I'm almost half way to the half marathon. This stress is a good, exciting stress!  

Fun Fact: The Pittsburgh Half Marathon in 93 days! We're down to double digits!

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