Friday, January 25, 2013

Healthy happens!

So I've been really busy for the past week or so working.  Something I've noticed during training is that the food I eat helps/hurts my mood, so I've started a new set of goals with my current eating habits.  Working almost everyday is extremely stressful and it is proven that when people are under a great deal of stress, they eat a lot more poorly than if they weren't stressed. My biggest goal right now is taking out as much processed food as I can. You would be surprised at how much added sugar, fat, and sodium was added into food that is supposed to be healthy. To help me with this,  I currently have two apps on my phone that I absolutely love! I have the Loseit app and the Fooducate app. 

With Loseit, you track your food and calorie intake along with exercise if you're looking to lose weight.  I'm not trying to lose weight, but I do like to know what my intakes are so I don't overeat. The Fooducate app shows you how processed your food is.  It also gives a letter grade and shows you why it has received that grading. There are a lot "healthy" or what I though were "healthy" foods with awful letter grades. Those are the foods full of sugar, sodium, and fat. This is what you want to stay away from, just because it says "nonfat", "low-fat" or it has less calories, doesn't always mean it's healthier. Both of these apps are free and easy to use.  I recommend them for anyone trying to eat healthier and get into shape. 

Here are some tips I've found that help with healthy eating:

  • The more bad food you eat, the more you crave it.
    • Vise vera with healthy food
  • You naturally eat more junk food with you're stressed out
  • Put the healthiest food in your refrigerator up front, and at eye level
    • You're more incline to eat the first thing your see rather than pushing food around the refrigerator
  • Not having junk food in your house helps you to only eat the heathy stuff you have
  • Only keep food in the kitchen.
    • Don't keep food by your bed room or in the living room.  You'll eat more if it's right in front of you.
  • When you go to a restaurant, ask the waiter to put half of your food in a to-go container so you can take it home and not eat everything at once.
These are some things I've found that help me eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. 
Your turn!
-What are your favorite healthy eating phone apps?
-Any tips on how you stay healthy?

*All of this information was based on my own personal opinion. I am not a nutritionist or expert, these are based on my own personal experience. Please consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise plan. 

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