Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fitness crafts and finishing off some resolutions.

A few months ago I wanted to try to make my own medal and bib hanger because I saw them on Etsy and thought it would be more fun and cheaper to make my own.  I bought all the supplies but didn't actually have time to get it done.  My original plan was that I would pant both pieces and make it look vintage with stain.  I also tried to make my own stain.  (It was a complete fail)  I have really nice writing, but terrible free hand so I had to trace the letters and I decided that it would just be easier to paint the letters and stain the rest.  It didn't turn out the way I had planned, but it isn't that bad. 
We weren't able to to get them hung up yet, but they're finished.  Whenever I run out of room on this one I'll buy a new one. 

It has been a crazy few weeks.  Some things out of the ordinary has happened and I'm currently trying to over come them. I've had a lot of time to think about some things I want to accomplish in my life.  So far, I've pretty much accomplished my new year's resolutions except for my personal training certification.  After what I've been going through for the past few months and weeks, I've decided that now is the best time.  I've been having a hard time deciding whether I wanted to do a personal training or group fitness certification.  The personal training is about $200 more and I think there will be more openings for jobs with a group fitness certification.  

One of the prerequisites are that you need to be certified in CPR/AED and I wasn't. So, I posted on Facebook asking my friends where I can get that certification soon and a friend messaged me letting me know that they were doing class for free today. (It's nice having friends that are medics!)  So I'm one prerequisite down on getting my certification! All I have to do now is pick when I'm getting my certification and order the books to start studying with.  I like how this is all coming together! 

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