Thursday, April 25, 2013

What I've been up too.

I've been MIA for a few days.  I've been social media but I haven't updated my blog.  So i wanted to show you what I've been up too. 
First and foremost.  There's 9 days until my first half marathon! I'm so nervous.  I've been working out and running like crazy. 
Second, I got a new job! I'm pretty excited and I start training on Monday.  I'm glad that I'll finally be back after having some much needed time off and it will also take my mind off of my first half marathon next Sunday. 
My this my first packet pickup card. 
My workouts are still a lot of running, walking, biking, yoga, weight lifting, and kickboxing.  I'm going to start to calm it down a little on my miles and workouts as I'm starting to taper off for these two weeks.  I'm planning an 8-10 mile run this weekend and then taking it down to 3 miles when I do run.  
Next, last weekend I had a pretty full Sunday exercise wise.  I found my sister's ankle weights from when she had her knee surgeries so I took them out and went on a 2 mile walk, then an hour lifting session, and a 13 mile bike ride.  We found some new trails with some of our friends that just started riding. 
I love going on bike rides with Adam.  He's usually always willing to go, now I'm just trying to get him to go running with me. After this long day, my foam roller was my best friend.  
Lastly, I'm so excited to say that my sister and I got to sign up for Color me rad.  We really wanted to do it and last year it was on our birthday.  This year, it sold out so fast that we didn't get a chance to sign up.  They ended up reopening afternoon sessions and we hurried up and signed up so we could get in.  
I got my inspiration to run from my sister.  She was always fast and awesome at every sport she played.  Though we're twins, we have our differences.  I like to sign up for races and she really doesn't.  She participated in Mud on the Mountain with us but after it she said she refused to listen to me ever again.  She's not big competitor anymore and there's nothing wrong with that.  I just want someone to run races with! We'll be team Halerz Twins.  We couldn't come up with anything else. 
With my wedding coming up in August, this will probably be the last race I run before my second half marathon on August 4.  
With the marathon coming up in the next few weeks,I may not post as much but I will afterwards. 

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