Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New job, less workout.

So, yesterday I started my new job. I absolutely love it but I haven't had much time to finish my training for Sunday's
half marathon. This half marathon is pretty much what has inspired me to start blogging and twittering my goals.

On the plus side my new job is awesome! Everyone is so nice and I get my own office with my name on the outside. I've been training an hour away from home which is the main reason I haven't had time to train for the race. Tomorrow night I'll be staying overnight in the city so I'm hoping to get some decent miles in during the morning before I go to work.

I'm working at a near by college getting students ready to get started with school. So far, it's like a dream. I went to school for fashion and really wanted to own my own store one day, but things change. I've always known that I really want to work with people. Tomorrow is day number 3 and I couldn't be more excited!

Sunday I did get a decent run in. I ran 7 miles with some complications. It was a good run in the way that I found new routes and trails while fighting through the wind, rain and cold while having an asthma attack and almost passing out at the end. Nothing about that really sounds all that great but it was still a decent run.
On this run, I went to my usual park, but I was so sick of running in a circle that i thought I would venture off. I started on my first mile on flat surface onto a hill. By mile 1.10 I had an asthma attack. Now, I've been feeling like I'm getting sick and everything has been laying in my chest so I've been doing my breathing treatments and trying to load up on good stuff. (Which has helped) so I had to take a minor walk break to use my inhaler, which has felt like the millionth time I might add, and kept hauling up the hill. I've been told that there were trails at this park I go to so I thought I would find some and I did. I don't mind venturing around this park because no matter where I get lost, I'll always be able to find my way out. It sounds stupid but I can.
So, going into this run, I had goals of making it to 8 miles. That changed. After my asthma attack issue, I felt a lot better. At 3-5 miles I literally felt like I could do this all day, then mile 6 hit.
Let me back up to 2 hours prior, I had only eaten the salad that's pictured. For breakfast, I had a banana, egg, and some toast and I went running at 5:45pm. Needless to say, I defiantly didn't have enough food in my body for that in to hit 8 miles. So, I get to mile 6 and I start to feel dizzy and unable to focus. Every time this happens I normally pass out shortly after. Logically thinking about it now, I should have stopped then but that would have been the logical route. So I finished my mile to hit 7, grabbed my water and my Gatorade and went for a short walk until my liquids were gone.

Afterwards, I went over to my sister's house for dinner and tea. I'm not going to lie, Sunday's are one of my favorite days.

Now there is less than 5 days until the marathon and I honestly don't know when I'll get a training run in. I'm really not too worried about it though, I've done 13 miles before and I have absolute faith in myself to do it again. I'm pretty confident that this rest I'm getting is going to help me more than hinder me.

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