Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Baby Biathlon

So lately I've been in a funk. Actually, since Easter. I ran my first half marathon the day before and then did a two mile walk on Easter Sunday. After that, I spent almost a whole week being a waste of life. I pretty much took off until Friday from running and the gym. I guess my body need to rest? I took on most of the Easter candy that I had received so we don't have to worry about that anymore.
I decided that I needed to get back at it on Friday with a walk to the park and then a run. That was a total fail. I walked to the park and my calves were in so much pain that after a 1.17 mile walk I needed a ride home. Afterwards I went to the gym to lift and a half mile on the elliptical. I still wasn't feeling like myself so I took Saturday off since I had to work night shift and I would be on my feet.
Sunday morning, I decided that I would get up and take on a little 2 mile run and a bike ride. Today turned out much better. I call it a "baby biathlon". It was just a 2 mile run and a 9.26 mile bike ride but it's still better than what I was doing lat week.
My goal by Friday is to accomplish a 14 mile run. Since I ran a half last week, I think that it's completely doable.

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