Monday, March 4, 2013

5k Sunday.

I had a pretty busy weekend.  I'm a human resource manager and on the weekends I also work at the local Dairy Queen. Saturday I had to baby sit my managers daughter and then work night shift.  That left a lot of stress for being up at 6:30 a.m on Sunday for my 5k at Schenley Park with Steel City Road Runners.  I was nervous and excited.  I know I need practice with racing since my first half marathon is coming up and I really haven't been training like I should be, so when I got the chance for a cheap race I took it.  Saturday night it snowed really bad where I live and while I was working I kept talking myself out of going Sunday morning. I was also extremely nervous that I would be the slowest one there. I always feel so stupid when I have to stop to take a quick break to breathe. I told myself when I got home from work that no matter what, I had to go. So I got everything ready and Sunday morning my fiance and I left on our 45 minute trip to the race.  There were more people there than I thought would be and I felt a little bit better knowing that it wasn't just the running club there. It was about 25 degrees so I bundled myself up to run. 

I always start towards the front so when I get passed up I'm not too far behind. For the past few weeks, leg has been having terrible cramps in it when I run, so I was extremely nervous about that as well. As we started running I tried staying up front with some really fast runners from CMU.  That lasted about 5 minutes.  I started to stress out as I was getting passed up by people that look like they've ran since junior high school.   My chest was also bothering me since I was stressing out and not worrying about breathing.  Since I bundled myself up to go, I had on spandex with sweat pants over them, a long sleeve shirt that covers your mouth and a hoodie.  As I was running, my pants kept sliding down and I had to keep awkwardly hiking them up as high as I could.  I hope I gave whom ever was behind me a good laugh. I'm not going to lie though, seeing other people walking made me feel a lot better knowing I wouldn't be the only one needing to stop for air.  I finished in 31 minutes, which I don't think is an awful number judging my circumstances.  While I was on my little scenic 3.1 mile jog I started contemplating if I'm going to be able to run a half marathon in two months. Thinking about it now, I have too.  It's going to be hard and training is going to be hard.  My lunges are going to hate me some days they'll love me, but I've made it my goal to finish the two half marathons coming up.  My goal for my Pittsburgh marathon is in less than 2:20:00. 

After completing my morning 5k I went home to get ready for Sushi night with my sister.  My sister has never had sushi and this was a learning class on how to make it.  It was so interesting! There's a local restaurant that does Sunday evening classes and this one was worth taking.  One of my new years resolutions was to learn something new and so far this year I've learned two new things: 1.)How to do yoga. 2.) How to make sushi. Honestly, I'll probably never need to know how to make sushi but that's okay, it was still a lot of fun. My sister even learned that she really likes sushi.

This was the sushi that we both made. It was so fresh and tasted so good!

Your turn!
How do you keep your positive thinking going while you're racing?
What would you like to try or have tried since the new year before next year?

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