Friday, March 8, 2013

A good doctors appointment and some goodies.

Yesterday was my 3 month appointment at the pulmonary doctor.  I was surprised at how well it went.  I'm still currently on all the medicine that they put me on the last time, but I'm feeling better.  I remember times when I was absolutely miserable in the heat and cold because I couldn't breathe and I'm not feeling that anymore.  It probably helps that I'm on 4 different medications twice a day, but hey, whatever makes you feel better.  I even got a prescription changed to the another brand for a little bit of a cheaper price a month.  That was pretty exciting! Since my appointment went well, I don't need to go back until September.

Since I got to leave work a little early, I finally got to go to a store near my doctors office that I never get to go to because they're always closed! Where I live, we don't have a Whole Foods or many "natural" or organic stores.  I live in a small town that has been taken over by bars, pizza shops, churches, and newly developed dollar stores.  I hate dollar stores. So when I finally got the chance to visit Nature's Way, I took it.  I went in with a list of sale items: Chia seed($7.99) Chocolate macaroons ($3.79) Tea (2/$5).  What did they have out of all of that? Nothing. The sale ad that I was looking at was for every store so I knew that they may not have what I was looking for.  I still found some goodies though! 
Organic buckwheat pancake mix,
organic flax seeds,
wild raspberry hibiscus tea,
banana nut bread Clif bar
I bought the buckwheat pancake mix for my fiance to try since he love pancakes and waffles.  Since I went in originally for chia seeds and they didn't have them, I thought i would try flax seed.  The flax seed was a quarter of the cost of chia seeds and I've heard there isn't much of a difference so I thought I would try these first.  The raspberry hibiscus tea was on sale and I've never had raspberry tea before, but I had it with my dinner last night with some Splenda and it was great. I usually buy Clif Bars at Walmart or Target but I haven't been able to find banana nut bread anywhere so I was pretty excited to find these. This trip was pretty successful and I'll defiantly go back whenever I can for more finds! 

I need advice!
What do you prefer, flax seed or chia seeds?


  1. 100% chia seeds!! :)

    1. I'm defiantly going to try those next! I tried flax for the first time, and I really like them.

  2. 100% chia seeds!! :)