Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Training Run.

Like I posted yesterday, my 5k on Sunday kicked off 9 weeks until my first half marathon.  Yesterday was my first official day to my training. I've been training since last June, a little harder in the summer time so I've been taking it pretty lightly since November. I know I'm not the fastest runner, but I am shooting to run without needing to stop in less than 2:15:00.  

I was defiantly feeling Sunday's 5k yesterday. Not in my legs, but in my lungs. I have defiantly decided that from now on, it will be completely unnecessary to run outside when it's 25 degrees. It may not sound cold to some people, but when you have a pulmonary disease that isn't well controlled, it's okay to hold yourself back in some cases. I was so congested and couldn't stop coughing all day.  It was an awful cough too, one that wouldn't stop and made a terrible wheezing noise every time I coughed or took a deep breath in.  In my day yesterday I took my advair twice (morning and night as prescribed) two breathing treatments, my inhaler twice, and my evening asthma pill.  That's a lot of medicine for one breathing condition if you ask me.  Since yesterday was my first day of my training, I wasn't taking a rest day. After work, I went home, ate dinner, put some laundry in, and got ready for the gym and went.  That was the hardest 3.25 miles of my life.  It took me almost 37 minutes, but I finished it.  After finishing, I did my usual stretching with 200 crunches/ side crunches.  After I stood up, I felt so much better than I have been.  The pain in my calfs was almost gone from the days previous, and my chest was starting to feel a little more lose and less congested. 

This morning I woke up and did my 5:30a.m yoga for breathing and stretching. Tonight I'm going to go to my kickboxing class to do my cross training of the week. As I posted last week, I wrote out a schedule for training but it has already been a little off schedule.  I'm making sure to get all my work outs in during the week that I need too, they might just get switched from day to day.

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