Friday, March 15, 2013

Clean Eating.

So I'm two weeks into hard training, like everyday training.   I can see changes in my body and muscle is building pretty well.  Besides training, I'm eating extremely cleanly. If that makes sense? No highly processed food, no alcohol (except for tomorrow because I get a beer at the end of my run. There aren't many more exciting things then that.) The foods that I eat the most of are:
-Greek yogurt
-Peanut butter (a little more then what's probably healthy) 

Those are just foods that I eat pretty much everyday. Something I learn from the years of dance that I've had, I've learned that your "practice" is your rehearsal. When you rehearse, you rehearse the same way that you would if you were on stage, right? So that's what I do. My long runs on on the weekend, so the week leading up to that long run, I'm eating and testing food before those long runs, that way, when it comes to the big day I'm confident and ready to go. 

My breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are consistent daily. I'm not sick of those foods yet. My dinners however, change.  They change weekly, by the amount of time I have to cook, and by how often I get sick of them.  I always eat a meat or fish; rice, wheat noodles, or orzo; and a vegetable.  Healthy portions and no fattening dressings. Here are some examples of my daily eating:
Weekend breakfast: fried egg, brussel sprouts, banana,turkey bacon
Whole wheat noodles with spinach and diced tomatoes
Peanut butter the size of my lunch box
Salmon with lemon pepper, brown rice, veggies
End of day snack: Luna Protein bar
Those are just examples of my eating with training.  My body feels a lot better than it has in a while. I don't eat fast food and usually when We go to dinner, I get really sick.  I don't spend a lot on food either.  I probably spend $150 at the grocery store a month for myself. 

Fact: There's exactly 50 days until the Pittsburgh Marathon! Are you ready?! 

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