Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A new pair of kicks.

Yesterday, I dragged my fiance after work to the running store in Pittsburgh.  I wanted to get my feet measured for new shoes and this store is the only store I know of that does it with a computer.  They make you get onto a treadmill and walk with your socks on so that they can get a feel for what your feet do when you run.  I'm having shin splints on the outside of my shins and a lot of calf pain.  The sales rep pretty much knew what was wrong before I even got onto the treadmill.  While you're on it though, they take pictures with an iPad of your feet and what they do while you walk or run.  Once they figure that out, they give you shoes to try on to see how you like them and put you back on the treadmill.  They don't pressure you to buying anything, which made me feel a lot better about the experience. 
These are my current runners.  I bought trail shoes because the guy at the store said that they would be fine on concrete.  Liar. They're really comfortable when you're running on trails (which I barely do) or bike riding, but they are terrible on anything that doesn't have dirt on it.  They were very comfortable at one point but it's defiantly time for a new pair.  My second problem with buying shoes is that I always want to buy black running shoes.  When I bought these, it bothered me that there was a little bit of blue in it.  I think for everything has to match with what I'm wearing. At least, a little bit.  
At the running store I found the Brooks Ghost 5, which I loved but they didn't have any kind of black. They also has flowers on the brooks symbol and I'm not into really girly girl appliqu├ęs. My goal is to make a decision on shoes by the end of this week so  I have something to run in this weekend. 

What are your favorite shoes to wear when you run?

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