Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Shoes.More Snow.

So, as you read yesterday I've been needing new shoes and couldn't find a pair that I liked enough to buy.  I found the style, but they only come in three color with flowers on them, so I didn't think they were that pretty. The gym I go to is right next to a Dick's Sporting Goods store, so I decided that I would go look there before hitting the gym.  I stood there for probably close to ten minutes trying to decide a color.  Obviously they didn't have black or gray(which is my second choice) so I just had to pick a pair. Who would have thought trying to pick a pair of shoes is like a life changing decision?!  So, here's what I picked:
Brooks Ghost 5
They're pink, I'm not big into pink and it did take me out my comfort zone a little because I'm so used to walking in and buying the first pair of black shoes I find, but they're comfortable and starting to grow on me. Today, is the first day that I'm going to test them out on a treadmill because we have three inches of snow outside currently and we're almost a week into spring. 
The bag my shoes came in.  I should not be as excited as I was.

After I bought my shoes I was so excited to see that this was the bag that they came in. It's perfect because I'm pretty much buying them for the marathon. I'm probably the only person that gets excited over things like this. 
Here's some humor for today.
What are your workout plans?
Do you still have snow?

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