Monday, March 25, 2013

Luna bar and 40 days.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was great other than waking up Monday morning to snow. It defiantly looks beautiful but hopefully this will be the last week.
Last week, I was sent a box of new Luna bars from you beauty.  It's the new Luna fiber bar, and they're awesome! I got the chocolate raspberry, which was a chocolate cookie with raspberry filling.  I eat a lot of candy so I'm trying to hold back the urge and eat more "healthy" options as snacks.  Candy is my biggest diet problem.  I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
There are 40 days until the Pittsburgh marathon.  I'm getting ready to run my very first half and I can honestly say that I haven't been training like I should be.  I run or workout at least 5-6 days a week but it's more strength training then running.  I have a really hard time running in the cold with my asthma and we're still getting snow, so that threw me off my schedule a little bit.  A few weeks ago I had a seven mile run that did and felt great afterwards.  I'm not as worried about my first run as I should be because this is my first run.  I'm still going to train hard for it.  My goal for today is to go to the local running store and get my feet fitted for a new pair of runners.  My calves have been killing me this past week and I realized that I've had my running shoes for almost a year so It's time for a new pair.  I went running Saturday and couldn't do two miles without so much pain that I couldn't walk. So, after going home and to work a night shift, I decided to try my cross trainers yesterday.  I did 4 miles of hills with minimal pain.  I'm so torn when it comes to buy new running shoes.  I hate new running shoes because I can never tell which shoes are best for my feet and my favorite running shoes are black, all black.  Pretty much all you can find now are colorful. So I might have to make a change.  I am committed to having a new pair of shoes by the end of the week, and my running goal is to do 9-13 miles on Sunday morning.  Happy Easter to me! 

What are your favorite kind of running shoes? Are you picky about the color? 

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