Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Half Marathon Thoughts.

Guess what?! There's 44 days until the Pittsburgh half marathon! I'm kind of nervous but kind of not.  I was more nervous after I clicked the "Submit your entry" button.  My thought after I did that on October 3, 2012 was,"Oh, shit! Now I have to do it!" So with this post I want to share my thoughts and advice leading up to my almost one month away from my first half marathon since I posted a few weeks ago here:

1.) Stop killing yourself training. As soon as I start telling myself, "I HAVE TO DO THIS." Shit goes down hill fast and I stop wanting to workout. I started to workout because I want to be healthy and cross this off my bucket list.  Really, 4 or 5 years ago, running a 5k was just a thought totally a reality. 

2.) Don't pressure yourself on your finishing time: When I first started My goal was to finish this in 1:45:00. Then I realized about 4 months into training that my Nike app was completely off. My new goal is 2:10:00 but seriously, if I don't hit that goal, it's not a big deal.  I'm more concerned with crossing the finish line without passing out and needing oxygen. 

3.) Cross-Train: I probably cross train more than I run.  Maybe not. But, I kickbox, do yoga, and also lift weights(not heavy ones)[Just kidding...I'm getting some pretty sick guns]  Always make sure that you're doing something active everyday.  One day of lazy rest makes it a lot easier to quit all together.  

4.) Take rest days: That kind of goes against what I said in number 3. Get over it. On my rest days, I try to at least do yoga or work at my weekend job (I'm always on my feet) If you have an injury or are really sore, take a whole rest day all together.  At least try to do something with minimal activity though.  Go for a walk or do a few minutes of floor exercises. Do something! 

5.) Your diet is just as important: I'm not saying go on some crazy fad diet or all organic, but cut out the fast food cheeseburgers. Seriously.  If you have to have it once in a while, fine. You're in training mode now, no more alcohol, fast food or overly processed food.  Hello water,  fruits and veggies! Let yourself have something small everyday.  It will keep you on track and you won't binge it your favorites all at once. My treat everyday is chocolate. I can't give up dark chocolate, I love it too much.  I usually try to eat a protein bar with chocolate in it to get my fix. Really though, bodies are made in the kitchen.  You'll feel so much better when you eat healthier. 

My best advice to fellow first time half/full marathoners, 5k-ers, 1 mile-ers: Do this for you.  Have fun with it. Don't make it a chore, that's not why you signed up in the first place.  I've learned in the past year of training that the real runners and supporters could seriously care less about your time.  They care that you made the honest effort to finish. That's what I love about fitness and running.

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