Thursday, March 20, 2014

About me.

So I realized that through the Pittsburgh Marathon I've been gaining some new followers. Some are from twitter, Facebook, and my blog in general. I'm always extremely curious as to who other bloggers are, so I'm going to let you know some random facts about me. 

About me 
1.) I'm 24 years old. 
2.) I've been with my Husband since we were 13 years old. 
3.) I have a twin sister. (She's 8 minutes older) 
4.) I went to college for Fashion in hopes to be a buyer or own a bridal store. 
5.) I'm actually an admissions representative at a local college. (Fashion?) 
6.) I've been caught eating peanut butter out of the jar more than 5 times. (Different spoon every time) 
7.) I really love bacon 
8.) I used to eat Heinz Ketchup out of the bottle too. 
9.) I used to be terrified of cats and then my mom found a stray that was declawed on our porch. He started off in our basement and when we couldn't find his owner he clung to me. He even moved with me when I moved out. 
10.) I agreed to get a dog for my husband in hopes he would realize how hard they are to take care of and not want children. 
11.) I think it worked. 
12.) it makes me gag when people blow their nose at the table. I usually have to get up and go to the restroom so that I don't vomit everywhere. 
13.) Everytime I finish a race, I try to find something bigger and better to train for. 
14.) I started writing my blog to show people that you don't have to make excuses for breathing problems. You have to deal with them and work through them for things to get better. 
15.) If I didn't spend so much time at work or training, I would spend it reading.
16.) I actually would not have TV or cable if it wasn't for my husband. That was our biggest fight when we moved I together. I didn't want a TV. 
17.) when I lost my job last year, I kept telling myself that everything happens for a reason and found out that was right when I gained a career and some new best friends. 

So those are some useless facts about me. I hope you enjoyed them and they didn't bore you too much. 

Next, Panera. The other day I met my sister for breakfast and really wanted to try something new. I had a rough CrossFit workout and needed to recuperate with something filling and healthy. 
I tried the Mediterranean Egg sandwich and a fruit cup. It was great! I think it's a new breakfast favorite. It tasted like it had a pesto sauce and peppers on it. I loved it. 

Is there any useless info that you would like to share with me? 


  1. I have a cat for the same exact reason!!

  2. Kids would be the best thing that every happened to you. PROMISE!!!

  3. LOL, I love your dog theory! I made sure my hubby didn't want them before we got married, and I made it perfectly clear that I'm not having any. :)

    1. It hasn't worked on him yet! He thinks a child would have been easier than our big bad dog. Haha I settled for closer to 30 years old and I'll think about it.