Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spartan Race

It's Saturday! I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend!

I know how everyone loves obstacle course races so I wanted to talk about a new race that I've found out about. Reebok is my favorite CrossFit brand and they have their own race called Spatan.  Check it out here.

They are popping up throughout the world. There are 3 different obstacle lengths starting out with 3 miles. If you've never done an obstacle race, 3 miles is a good start! My first race ever was a 7 mile obstacle mud race and it wasn't that fun. I was in shape but something smaller to start out with would have been great!  In the U.S.  You can start off with a sprint, super or beast. Also, with over 37 races just in the U.S. there has to be one relatively close to you. 

I've been asked to give one special reader a race in the entry for the U.S.!
How to enter:
-Follow me on Twitter and Facebook: @Thewheeezyrunner &
-Follow Spartan Race on Twitter and Facebook: +Spartan Race 
-Comment what City and Spartan race distance you would do
-Tweet: I want to win a @SpartanRace by @Thewheeezyrunner 

Click here for % 15 off a U.S. entry.

Find your inner Spartan! Winner will be announced Sunday, April 5 2014.  


  1. Alright. Philadelphia sprint race because I don't have a July race yet!

  2. This is a bucket list race to do! Since I have never done one, a sprint race sounds perfect to start. Would love to race in Philly!!

  3. I would love to do the 13 mile beast in Vermont. It was just announced as the world championships and would be so cool to try.