Monday, March 3, 2014

February Bulubox

I went with another 6 month subscription to bulubox. I love their products and I'm always looking to try new things. Here is what February contained...
SoyJoy:I've been looking for these to try for years! They don't sell them in my area. (At least I haven't found them yet) I ate this for breakfast on my way to work after the pulmonary doctor. It was good, quick, and easy. It didnt crumble in the wrapper so I actually got to eat it without crumbs everywhere. The taste was great but it didn't really keep me full. Maybe I just like to eat a lot. It's a good "before gym snack" (it won't make you gassy on the treadmill. You know you were thinking it. ) 
JustFruitBar: When I was little my mom used to buy my sister and I some kind of all natural fruit roll up that had that awkward texture like sand paper. This had that, but a little bit thicker. It brought back my childhood. I actually really liked this. It was a good snack instead of average candy. It was like a helathy fruit roll up. 

Salvation Chia: I've had chia seeds before. I like to put them in my oatmeal because of the weird texture. I think it absorbs some of the crunchiness better. I like to also put peanut butter and chocolate protein powder in my oatmeal for a morning chocolate fix. Chia seeds absorb a lot of liquid so I recommend keeping it a little runny and letting it sit a few minutes after you stir it. 

PowerCrunch Proto Whey: If you like vaniella, then this stuff is for you! I personally like chocolate but it didn't have many calories and was really sweet. I put it in Lactaid milk after a CrossFit session. It was very filling. 

Flow (no picture, sorry): I've never taken a pre workout supplement before but I really liked this. I took two capsules before I went to the gym. It didn't make me jittery but I did focus a little bit better. 

All of these products can be found here: 

Get a box FREE use offe code: BULUGAN290 

Have you tried any of these products or get monthly sample boxes?
What are your favorites? 


  1. I used to get RunnersBox and Stride Box, but honestly, they were a waste for me. I didn't use most of the products, and the ones I did, weren't worth the price. It's such a clever idea though, I really wanted to love them.

    1. I have to put them in front of me to actually use them. I'll get the box in the mail and become sooo excited and then a month later realize that I haven't touched anything in the box. I might have to actually look into RunnersBox, I've never heard of it. I hope your training is going well and you're feeling better! :)