Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekly Organization

If you're reading this then you might be training for something. You also might have just came across my blog and are getting started on your journey. Maybe you know me and I've spammed my Facebook page so much with my blog that you're now deciding to break down and read one. Either way, you should know that I'm a little obsessive with organization. I've broken plans with people just so I could clean my house. Sometimes things need to be my way. Sometimes I'm always right...but anyway, I have a weekly goal or idea of where I want to be in workouts for that week. Sometimes it's broad and sometimes it's strict depending on the week. 

Last week I told you about my journal. Well I have to make my little schedule to get to my journal or I'll never get anything accomplished. There are times that I have to type in my phone a little schedule of plans and when I'm going running or to CrossFit. Here's a look at my general schedule:
-3 days CrossFit 
-2 Short runs
-1 Long run

Right now I'm not concerned with tri training. I need to finish 26.2miles first. The swimming and biking start in May. 

On top of that workout schedule I also work a 40hr. week job. I only have fur children so that takes a little pressure off. (Sorry Mom and Kathy I won't have time for kids for a VERY long time) With my job though, I have days where I'm working twelve hours one day, 10 the next, 8 the rest and have to come in on Saturdays. I have kind of a crazy schedule for a desk job. I have to write up a schedule to stay on track of my goals. Most days I have to get up at 5:30am to get my first workout in. Do I make a schedule and then things come up that I can't go further with that schedule? Yes. More often then not. So I make two schedules! Back up plans. You need back up plans. Sometimes you'll take an extra test day. That's okay. Stop beating yourself up. The world doesn't stop turning because you skipped a 5 mile run so you could have dinner with your inlaws. 

Here's an example. This was from a few weeks ago. This is the general list I try to stick with. That week I had a class to make up so there's an extra one on there. I'm pretty sure I missed a day during the week. I probably made it up somewhere but it's just an idea of where I need to be. 

So after my little negative Nancy fun there... In all honesty, I have to make a schedule before my week starts. Whether I stick to it or tweek it happens but it's the only way I stay on my goals.   Next week I'll be working in Morgantown all week so I have no clue on the time I'll be getting home. I'm planning on taking CrossFit and running outfits and if Ipass the CrossFit Box then I'll get my class in. If not, off to the gym I go. 

I also have to make time to stop at Panera now a days. This week I was pretty busy but was a little hungry and needed something to hold me over until dinner shortly after. I've never had a smoothie so I thought I would try one. The straws are huge!
I got the Fat Free Superfruit Power Smoothie. It was really good. The smoothie was bigger than most drinks I buy and other than a brain freeze on a freezing day, it was super filling. 

Do you plan your workouts ahead of time? 
Do you always stay well on track?

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