Saturday, March 22, 2014


So everyone knows that I've been working with Panera during my training.  If not, then you do now.  I'm sure most people have a Panera Bread near them but it's a bakery-cafe. You can get everything from breakfast to smoothies,espresso to dinner items. Over the past few years they've been expanding to more places and I know where I live, we just recently got two of them in the past 5 years. They have over 1,777 bakery locations in 45 states so they're pretty popular. 

When I was in college, I spent 6 months working at a bagel bakery in Pittsburgh and from working there, if I never saw another everything bagel, I'd be pleased with life. The food was good but the hours were crazy.  The person that had to make the bagels had to go in during the middle of the night to make sure everything was made for the next day. Caf├ęs like that strive to make the customer happy. I've always loved Panera, probably, mainly because we didn't have one so going to an area that did made it like a field trip. Their food is always fresh and made in a timely manner. It's usually very clean as well. 

So why do I love Panera? For a few reasons: 
1.) They have the best cinnamon crunch bagels. (Not on the training menu) 
2.) Their store and website have calorie contents beside their menu items. 
3.) Their nutrion menus are easy to find. 

I'm big into knowing what I'm eating so I love to know what's in the product. Panera makes sure to put it on their site for you. 

With that being said, I went for dinner the other night with my sister and husband. 
I got my favorite Fugi Apple Salad and tried another pasta item. The salad is my favorite because it's a really flavorful spring and fall salad. I also tried the Basil Pesto Sacchettini. This time, I remembered to ask or the apple. 

What's your favorite menu item at Panera? 


  1. Mac and cheese is my favorite!! I like the tomato soup too. The strawberry smoothie is my summer long run reward =)

  2. They do have the best mac n cheese!