Saturday, March 8, 2014

Running and CrossFit are my favorites.

Through my childhood- teen years I've played a lot of spots. I've pretty much tried everything except running. Weird... But, recently I was thinking about why I love running and CrossFit. I started CrossFit on June 15,2013 so not even a year ago. I've been running for the past 6 years and I like that because it's my alone time. I usually shut my phone off for my long runs so I don't feel obligated to check it. I swear, I can go all week without a single phone call and the second I get to the park to run, my phone blows up with text messages, phone calls, Facebook posts, tweets to me etc... I usually know someone couldn't get a hold of me when my sister shows up at the park to interrupt my run.  That's happened quit a few times. Anyways, I was thinking about every sport that I've played and why they didn't add up to CrossFit. Here's what I've come up with: 
Ballet/lyrical/dance/gymnastics: This was my longest sport. I started dance and gymnastics when I was 4 or 5? and graduated after 13 years there. I lived the sport but what kept me was my instructors. The students were nice but they all had their own cliques.  They weren't the first ones to care if you hit a "pr" or got technique that you've never done. Actually, they were kind of stuck up. 
 Soccer/Softball: Soccer and baseball are probably my two favorite sports. I started soccer when I was 8 quit until I was 12 and started back up until I graduated. Let's be honest here, I wasn't that great. I lost a lot of confidence when I would ask for help but the coach wouldn't help me. It wasn't a sport where everyone got a chance to play. I spent most of my time on the bench. The other players really didn't care if you played or not but if they didn't play then all he'll would break loose. 
Swimming: I swam for 8 years before Jr. High. I loved it, but I had to chose between swimming and soccer. Terrible idea. I was also "the fat kid" so I probably wasn't that good. 
Kickboxing: Kickboxing was my cross training to running. I loved it but you couldn't go at your pace and it stopped becoming challenging after high school.  At one point the class was full of age of 65+ and the next week it would be full of children. That's fine but our classes were so full that you could nearly get your workout in. 

I think that wraps everything up. So back to why I love running and CrossFit. 
Running: You don't need to relay on anyone. You put your headphones on or listen to you breathing and your good to go. There's no bench to sit on unless you're tiered. You are your own team mate. Whether you're first or last, someone will always be cheering you on. And if not, you'll have your thighs. 

CrossFit: At the CrossFit Box that I go too, we have two coaches. Anytime you need help with form, they are there to help without judging or being annoyed. I've also never felt so welcome in a sport. Everyone is your friend and will help and cheer you on. You can be fat, thin, fit, skinny, as long as you put out the effort in and try(without cheating) then you'll learn something. 
If you've never tried CrossFit, try it. I hope you love it. 

Last night, one of my bestfriends came home to visit. We went to Panera to grab something to eat and I had lent and my long run today in mind.  I always forget to ask for the apple when I go instead of extra bread. 
Last night I tried the "You pick two" again. I love the "You pick two" because you can always try something new. I also love that panera puts the calorie content beside everything. I stopped being a calorie counter but it's nice to know when I'm eating. I ordered half Mac n' Cheese and half of a Tuna Salad Sandwhich. That was the first time I had either. They were both great. Maybe a little too much bread but it filled me up for my long run this morning. 

Today's goal is a 10 mile run. I ran 5 the other day so I'm going to work on my long run today. It's supposed to be almost 50 degrees, so that's exciting! 

What's your longest run this weekend?


  1. Thank you for sharing this variety of fitness activities. So I just finished my longest ever, 19 miles, in prep for Pittsburgh in May. Literally just finished, about 20 minutes ago, but my wife is in the bathtub so I'm playing blogs until she's out. I had no idea how hungry I was until I saw the pic of your sammich and macncheese, so I'm going to the kitchen to eat everything in site.

    1. Congrats on you finish! How was it? I got 10 out and my feet were killing me.

  2. I was in gymnastics for several years as a kid as well, and I think that's why I love running. I still love "competition" and like you said, it's a solo type sport. A few gymnasts that I know run and/or do cross-fit. Kind of funny. :)

  3. I loved gymnastics as well! I was so young and heavy when I did it so I wasn't that good. CrossFit reminds me a lot of gymnastics. My niece told me last night that gymnastics made her strong :)